Wrapped Up In Design

When presented with a challenge our design team always rises to the occasion; once in a while we get a project that allows them to showcase just how exceptional they truly are, with particularly stunning results. When Maxim Medical  approached us about designing a vehicle wrap to promote their product, we had no idea how brightly our design team was about to shine.

Design Scale And Speed

Though large design always presents it’s own set of obstacles, we typically work flat and this gives the job, no matter the physical size or shape, a bit of familiarity. When working on a design that must fit a dimensional object there is a whole new set of rules…

The finished work for this will not be placed on a flat surface so in addition to all of the standard design principles we must consider in everything we do, the designer must be aware of how the contours of the vehicle will effect every aspect of the project. Will the lettering be readable? Will the images be recognizable? Will the shape of the vehicle distort images in an unflattering or inappropriate way?

Just when you think all considerations have been accounted for, we have to put the design in motion. This is a mobile promotional tool; it will be seen all over town, and it will be moving at undetermined speeds. The design needs to be eye-catching, but simple enough that important details aren’t lost in the short time people will see it.

That’s A Wrap!

We have shared the beautiful large-scale work our Senior Designer, Jennifer Meyer does before with projects like this billboard. Jen took the additional challenges this project gave her in stride and made it look easy! Thanks to her skill and hard work we were able to deliver the dynamic vehicle wrap our client was looking for. We are thrilled to be sharing her work with you, and giving her the kudos she deserves in the process.

Stunningly dynamic vehicle wrap designed for Maxim Medical for use on their promotional company vehicle.