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Surveys now show that the majority of Americans consider the Internet their primary resource for finding goods and services. If customers can’t find your website, you won’t get their business. LunaGraphica provides a full range of Internet marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), link acquisition, banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) programs and e-mail marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your website’s search engine position with LunaGraphica’s SEO services:

Keyword Research Report. Not sure exactly what terms and phrases people would use in searching for your business, or which terms are used most frequently?

We can generate a report which uses data from hundreds of millions of searches to determine the relative frequency of search terms. The most common search terms can then be incorporated into the titles, text, and headings on your website.

Site Review. Manually review your site and make recommendations for keyword tuning, including page titles and descriptions, in order to focus on the most important keywords.

Competitive Review. Review your top competitors’ websites (up to 6 sites). We may identify other important page topics and keywords as a result of this research. We will also assess the strength of their sites. As a general measure of inbound link strength, we use MOZ Page Authority (in the past we used Google Pagerank, but Google no longer makes this information public).

We will then run a backlink report for each of the competitors. This is a goldmine which tells you EXACTLY who is linking to each of your competitors’ websites. You can often request links from the same sites!

Google Accounts. We can set up and integrate Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts.

Google Analytics is the best tool for tracking traffic on your site.

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to track Google’s indexing of your site, and to detect and correct errors or problems encountered by Google when crawling your site.

Learn More About SEO

To help you understand the basics of SEO, LunaGraphica has created a free, on-hour online course.

Click here to see LunaGraphica’s Online Courses.

Online (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Get immediate results with online advertising through Google and Bing. LunaGraphica can create effective ad campaigns to match your budget. Your ads may appear on Google searches, Yahoo searches, as well as related websites. You determine your monthly budget! Monthly reports are e-mail directly to you showing click-throughs from you web advertising.

For very specific needs, we can also place “banner ad” bookings or sponsorships on websites relating to your industry.

Social Networking

A few years ago, social media networks were largely for entertainment purposes, but the importance of harnessing their power is no longer up for debate in today’s business world. In fact, over 85% of marketers have said that social media is not only important to their business and 89% have cited the increased exposure is the top benefit of their social media efforts.

But how do you effectively manage a planned, strategic approach to your social marketing efforts when you are busy with all of the business it takes to successfully run your business? That’s where we can help.

At LunaGraphica, we offer a variety of social media-related services – whether we are simply setting up and optimizing your chosen platforms for you, training your in-house staff, consulting for you on a short or long-term basis or fully managing your social media marketing efforts for you.

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  • Printing

    We have the technical expertise to design and manage your most complicated print projects.

  • Internet Marketing

    We provide a full range of Internet marketing services including SEO, pay-per-click programs & email marketing.

  • Quality Service

    We pride ourselves in great, responsive customer service. Quick call backs, and fast turnaround.

  • Website Maintenance

    Keep your website up to date with our assistance. Keen sense of attention to detail with quick turnaround.

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