Successful Brands

Building Successful Brands and Client Relationships

Some of the most important aspects of building a strong brand are consistency and persistence. At LunaGraphica we not only excel at guiding our clients through the process of creating their brands, but also in providing the necessary oversight to ensure their brands are displayed and utilized in consistent ways. Our team of talented and experienced designers considers your successes, LunaGraphica successes and is dedicated to building the kind of fruitful client relationships that promote hardily successful brands.

One such relationship has been with long time client, World Pizza Cup Champion and Restaurateur, Tony Gemignani. For nearly a decade we have had the pleasure of working with Tony and watching this tried and true branding formula (and his delicious pizza) help his many business ventures succeed.

When watching Tony’s new promotional video for his Pizza Rock restaurants and seeing touches of LunaGraphica’s work throughout the entire video, from signage; to menus, and even down to the labels on the tomato cans, we can’t help but feel pride in our work and gratitude for clients like Tony Gemignani, who give our designers the change to shine.