Giving Back with Beautiful Design

Donated design services don’t mean skimping on quality

Many graphic design firms give back to their communities by donating design services to charities and organizations they feel a connection to. LunaGraphica staff are always excited to work on such projects, and as you will see in the work we recently did for Capo’s, donated services do not mean sub standard designs. In fact, the opposite is often true when creative people get to do meaningful work they believe in.

Capo’s is holding a March, 12th benefit in support of The Beat Museum, with a portion of their proceeds going directly to The Beat Museum. LunaGraphica jumped at the chance to donate a portion of our design fees in support of this wonderful organization when we were approached with this job. Thanks to our amazing staff, we were able to deliver a beautiful design to our client and feel proud of our contribution to a cause we all believe in.

The Beat Museum

Located in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, The Beat Museum is nestled in the very heart of what was once a thrilling hotbed of activity for the early Beat culture of the 1950s. Independently owned and operated since it opened in 2003, the museum serves to keep the spirit of the Beat Generation alive by promoting its message of “tolerance, compassion, and having the courage to live your individual truth.”

Celebrating Kerouac’s Birthday

American poet and novelist Jack Kerouac, is renowned as the face of the Beat Generation and Capo’s benefit is a celebration of what would be his 96th birthday. The event will be held at Capo’s, 641 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, CA, on Monday, March 12th. For $60 per person you will be entertained by jazz and spoken word performances, while sipping specialty cocktails and dining on five delicious courses. This is sure to be an event to remember so call 415-986-8998 to make your reservations now. We hope you join us in our support for this wonderful cause.

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