Sophisticated Design As Fine As Wine

What’s New in the Studio?

Being a full service design firm with a diverse client base allows us to frequently stretch our creative muscles around here. We feel having such a wide range of projects/clients makes our designers and developers much stronger and more ready for a challenge than those who are limited by niches.

The last time we shared what has been going on in our studio we showed you an event flyer designed to promote a fundraiser our client Capo’s held for The Beat Museum. This time we want to show off the sophisticated design work our Senior Designer, Jennifer Meyer  did on a set of promotional cards for our client MacRostie Winery and Vineyards.

Beauty and Function Coexist in Sophisticated Design

Each client we work with has unique needs and desires, which can change from project to project. One thing MacRostie always expects from our work is that it is as elegant and refined as their winery and vineyards. Our talented design team is always excited by the creativity jobs like this provoke.

It can be tricky to create a balanced piece of work when you are trying to provide as much information as is possible in a limited space. When MacRostie asked that we create two cards for them, announcing the release of two new wines, this was a heavy consideration. They needed customers to learn enough about the wine to pique their interest, and to see enough of the products to entice them. The design had to do all of this, yet remain sophisticated and uncluttered. The client was looking for classy, not chaotic, and Jen knocked it out of the park (or should we say vineyard).

A Toast to Sophisticated Design

Described as “convivial in nature” and a “celebration of spring and of a festive summer to come” the design for the Pinot Noir Rosé card perfectly conveys the cheerfully enjoyable nature of this wine. The image used shows off the product in a way that makes it look a refreshing and inviting, but classy. The pretty pink of the wine is carried over to the color scheme on the information side of the card. The descriptive copy has been masterfully arranged to further convey the celebratory mood without looking too wild or garish. Can’t you just imagine yourself sipping this wine at chic garden party?

Sophisticated design for MacRostie Promo


In contrast to the delicate balance of the Rosé, the design for the Clockwise Sauvignon Blanc needed to communicate an air of timelessness and wisdom. To do this the image used has the featured wine displayed prominently in a classic setting with cheese pairings, at a lovely table setting. Again the text side of the card echoes the color scheme of the wine and its label, creating a strong sense of consistency. This is a wine that is solid and can stand the test of time. The fonts used here, along with layout of the copy, make the viewer feel a confidence in the product that can only come from trusting in the winemaker’s “wisdom and passion”.

Sophisticated Design for MacRostie card

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