San Francisco Club Flyer Design

LunaGraphica Began With Club Flyers

In the late 90’s Cindy, our Owner and Creative Director, started doing freelance design for San Francisco Bay Area nightclubs and bars. Eventually Cindy had so many of these side gigs they became full time and LunaGraphica was born. Happily, throughout the years we have retained many of the clients LunaGraphica started with as we have grown as a design firm.

Flyers Provide Exciting Creative Challenges

Though we build and maintain many nightclub and bar websites, the event flyers we create for them are what keep our designers busy. Thankfully, these are among our favorite projects to work on! One of the reasons our design staff enjoys working on flyers so much is the opportunity to let their hair down and get creative in different ways than the more professional projects we do calls for. Our talented design team enjoys the challenge this kind of diversity in clientele presents, and it has allowed our entire staff to amass an incredible set of skills, which ultimately benefits all of our clients.

So Many Flyers…

To accurately count every flyer we have ever made would be a difficult task, but we estimate we’ve created close to 5,000 of them for our nightclub and bar clients. We have been reminiscing about some of our favorite projects and how incredible it is to have been a part of the Bay Area nightlife for so many years. You can see a sampling of these in our San Francisco Club Flyer Design Gallery. To see some of our older work, as well as many other club flyers check out John Kuzich’s Electronic Music Archive. He spent years collecting club flyers and put together a web library of the ones he gathered from 1992-2010. If you are interested in having our talented design team create a unique and eye-catching flyer for your next promotion? Contact us for an estimate today!