Standing Out In A Crowd

Have you ever excitedly walked into a trade show or convention only to immediately find yourself overwhelmed by the crowd and number of booths? In those moments it seems impossible to plan what you want to see during the day, let alone focus on a single vendor.

Knowing trade show/convention environments are inherently overwhelming to attendees in most cases, it is important for businesses to understand what makes them stand out in crowds such at these.

Our research has shown us time and time again, that the best way to grab a potential client’s attention in such busy scenarios is by having a standout booth. But standing out can mean a lot of things and you don’t want to be noticed for the wrong things.

Be Big and Bold

When our longtime client Bariatric Wisdom came to us with the design request for a recent conference they hosted, their main desire was to have attention grabbing signage. The banner stands we created for them were perfect for their needs and would be an excellent addition to any trade booth.

Imagine walking into a huge room with wall-to-wall booths and a river of people flowing between them… banner stands like these in your booth space ensure you will pique the interests of passersby. Their size allows them to be seen from afar, their vertical orientation offers a fresh concept on typical banners, and their portability allows for flexibility when placing them in the booth space available.

Stay True to Your Brand

Bariatric Wisdom has a vibrant color scheme as a brand and it makes working with them on projects like this a lot of fun for our design team, and gives designers a lot of options when planning signage for them. Though color like this is so much fun and eye-catching, staying on brand is far more important to the success of your signage. As you will see on their website, the color scheme of the banners we made for them accurately represents the BW brand as a whole.

Getting yourself noticed amongst competition is the goal, but holding attention is the next step and if viewers find your advertisement to be disingenuous, or that they have been tricked by some sort of “bait and switch”, they are going to walk away. Make sure you aren’t just being flashy for the sake of being flashy.

Our team did a wonderful job of utilizing existing design elements to tell potential/current clientele what they needed to know about the company and it’s message with these banners. You can be big and bold within your companies brand and message, and having professionals like our design team help you do it will be sure to result in powerful advertising.

Need to be Noticed at an Upcoming Event?

If you need banners and collateral for an upcoming trade show, convention, or conference, then look no further. LunaGraphica has the experience and knowhow to take your booth to the next level. Contact us today for an estimate so we can get started making your company a success.