Link Building for Stronger SEO

LunaGraphica experts discuss link building for stronger Search Engine Optimization

Websites can be powerful tools with the ability to reach more of your target audience than almost any other form of marketing… when they work well. Most clients come to us knowing what they want their website to look like and what they want it to say to the world. Few have an understanding of terms like “Link Building”, or “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”, how they ensure their website is seen by their target market, and how they as the client assist in making this happen.

This is why finding a design firm that understands the role Link Building plays in SEO is so important. It can mean the difference between having a website only a few people see on occasion, and having a site that comes up in top search results every time a potential viewer looks for your special product or service.

What is Link Building and what does it do for SEO?

As a design firm our clients expect us to be knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization and to use best SEO practices when we build websites for them (which is our job). But Link Building is the one factor in SEO that truly depends on the client, and you need to understand what this Link Building business is all about to understand your part in it.

Among the many factors search engines like Google and Bing use when deciding which websites appear in your results and the order they appear in, is something called “Site Ranking”. In short, the search engine looks for other websites that link to your site for more information about the search topic. These are called “Link Backs” and you want them because search engines literally use them to decide your website is important, or “high ranking” in search results. But you don’t want just any links… In fact, there are some you don’t want at all. The best links are ones that come as a result of the professional connections and relationships you have built in your community. This might sound a bit intimidating or overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

How can LunaGraphica help me with Link Building?

Bob explaining SEO best practices to students during his recent guest speaking event at San Jose University.Fortunately LunaGraphica’s own VP of Technology and published author, Robert Nicholson, is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and is always available to help our clients maximize their site’s Link Building potential.

With his decades of experience in the field Robert, or as we call him, Bob, has witnessed the internet grow from its conception into the great marketing beast it has become. He has a better understanding of Link Building from quality sources, and SEO practices, than most in the business and is a valuable asset to LunaGraphica and our clients.

Bob always makes himself available to assist our clients in Link Building and has authored a handout we provide clients to get them started. He has generously agreed to let us publish this “Do It Yourself Links” guide here for your use. Thanks Bob!

The Importance of Link Building

Getting links from other sites to your website is critical for good placement in search results.

SEO agencies can help with link acquisition in a variety of ways, but there are link building efforts that depend on your own business relationships and marketing initiatives.

We strongly recommend that you designate someone in your company to be responsible for links, and that you allocate a few hours each month to conduct link building activities. You can use a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your efforts and results.

Where to Get Links

The key to getting links is to ask. Don’t be embarrassed or shy – it’s important to your business. Here are some of the most common sources of links:

Professional Associations – if your company or your employees belong to industry groups or professional associations, request links to your website.

Chamber of Commerce – if you join a local Chamber of Commerce, you can usually get a listing in a business directory, with a link to your website.

Industry Directories, Local Business Directories – search for online directories relating to your industry, or your city, and look for an “add listing” button or link.

Conferences – if your employees speak at a conference, ask if you can get a link to your site in the online conference agenda.

Educational Institutions – links from “.edu” websites carry a great deal of weight. Most schools allow faculty members and lecturers to create pages on their website. If your employees or business associates have pages on an .edu website, ask for a link!

Partners, Suppliers – if you have established business relationships, ask your partners for a link to your website. Consider offering to “exchange” links (but see cautions in the Thing to Avoid section).

Satisfied Clients – if you have clients or customers who are highly satisfied with your work, ask if they would be willing to provide a link to your website.

Rating and Review Websites – be sure your business is listed on rating and review websites (general websites like, as well as industry-specific sites like, and be sure to include a link to your website.

News Stories – whenever you are interviewed or contacted regarding press coverage, be sure to request a link!

Videos – producing video content and posting it on YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool. If you use YouTube, be sure each page has a link back to a relevant page on your website.

Things to Avoid

Paid Links – don’t pay for links! Paid directories charge far more than the links are worth. In addition, Google does not consider paid links to be “legitimate” and may discount paid links, or even penalize your site.

Link Exchanges – yes, it’s OK to “swap links” with a few business partners. If you have a good relationship, it’s perfectly natural to recommend one another! But if you exchange links with other sites on a large scale, just to get links, Google will discount the exchanges and possibly penalize you.

Online Press Releases – services that charge several hundred dollars to distribute your press release to hundreds or thousands of outlets have little or no value. Google does not count the backlinks from these automated press releases. If you do have newsworthy information, work with a legitimate publicist who can get your release to real news organizations (but be sure to include your links!)

We Are Happy to Help

Ultimately forming good business relationships that result in valuable links is something only you can do, but LunaGraphica is here to help. Whether you are seeking a new website, or need help building a better web presence through strengthening your existing site’s SEO, our talented and expertly trained staff can deliver. Contact us today!

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