Old Designs Made New Again

One thing you can always count on in the tech world is change. From software and function, to how we view and interact with design, sometimes trends and technology change so quickly it is hard to remember where we were even a few short years ago.

One of the coolest things about maintaining good relationships with our clients is the fact that they come back to us for updates on work we have done for them in the past. When this happens we are not only reminded of just how far technology has progressed, but how much we have grown as a design firm.

Design Blast From The Past

We were recently given the opportunity to update a website LunaGraphica originally designed for our client McGrane PC way back in December of 2005. In the early 2000s the Internet was full of chunky columns and grids with bold color blocking. Flash animation took the web by storm with Adobe’s purchase of Macromedia, Inc. and our eyes were never the same. Oh, and believe it or not, the original iPhone wouldn’t be released for another two years!

If you want to have a little fun, go check out the history of web design, the Internet, and the evolution of the cell phone. It is truly amazing to see how far we have come in such a short time.

The original website we designed for McGrane PC was very on trend for the times. This is a business law firm, so the client needed it to convey and air of professionalism while still presenting as socially relevant.

To achieve this we made use of the blocking and bold pops of color that were popular then. By using images in greyscale we were able to give this site a continuity and maturity one would expect of a law firm. This also serves to make the other colors used stand out without needing to use a garish or loud color palette…thus giving our client the professional and socially relevant design they desired.

Previous version of McGrane website

A Much Needed Design Refresh

Though it was a top of the line website in 2005, the McGrane PC website was in dire need of a visual refresh (I mean, it was 14-years-old). We worked hard to keep the new site design as conservative and professional as the original site, while still breathing some new life into it.

Our design team decided the client would get the most bang for their buck by utilizing the more modern “broken grid” trend with an orderly, but asymmetrical layout. Where the old site was very dark and formal, we brightened things up a bit with plenty of white space, and made the site more welcoming and open by using large horizontal images in a smoothly rotating slideshow.

The end result tells the client’s target market this firm is hip and modern, but not at the cost of professionalism. McGrane PC’s site makes a statement about how serious they take their law practice and the commitment to their clients. 

McGrane Home Page
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Fresh Function

The McGrane PC website needed more than a surface makeover, it was also due for some serious technological updating. 15 years ago we were only beginning to see web capabilities on cell phones, and now we are walking around with computers more powerful than we could have ever dreamed of back then in our pockets!

Slightly more than half of Internet users are accessing the web using their mobile devices. This means if your site isn’t mobile friendly, your business is missing out on an astonishing amount of potential web traffic. As you can imagine, this was one of the first things we had to upgrade on the McGrane PC website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has progressed by leaps and bounds since 2005. Between this, advancements in security protocol, coding, design software… honestly, in the tech industry rapid and constant development make things obsolete at an astonishing rate. In order for websites to perform as expected, rebuilds are often necessary, even if a redesign isn’t in order.

Time For A Website Upgrade?

Whether you are looking to freshen up an outdated look, or to improve site performance and technology, we’ve got you covered. Our design team stays up on current trends and technologies, and is ready to take your site to the next level.

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