A Peek Into Our Design Process

What Happens After You Submit A Design Request?

Whether you are an established or new client with LunaGraphica, the design process can sometimes seem like magic. As much as we all love the thought of being magical creatures who conjure beautiful designs (and as truly awesome as that would be), a lot of work goes into the design process that results in your finished product. We thought it would be fun to share what happens behind the scenes after you submit your request for a new design.

Once you have submitted your request, and all the boring details like time expectations and pricing have been agreed upon, the content goes to our Production Manager (Deb) for fine-tuning . The PM organizes and prepares all the information we receive from you. This includes ensuring instructions are clear (sometimes that means contacting you for clarifications), checking for typos, and ensuring the project is prepared for our designers to create what you need. Our Production Manager is also in charge of locating all the source files we need for the job so our designers can easily access to logos, photos, and in some cases, previous projects we have done for you. You can see a real design request for one of our long-standing clients in the images below.

At the same time the above is happening our Creative Director (Cindy) creates a mockup for our designers to work from (a real mockup sketch is included image below). We now have a complete job assignment for one of our lead designers (Jen or Martha). Once the project has been passed along to the designer who will be working on it, they take all those materials generated in the first steps and make the “magic” happen, but things aren’t quite finished at this point. After the designer has created the artwork, it all goes back to the Production Manager for proofing and approval; if everything isn’t perfect it goes back to the designer for edits until it is.

Only after everything has been approved on our end does it go to you for your approval. If we have done our job right there usually aren’t many changes being made once we have reached this step in the process, but we do refine the art until you are happy with our work. This can mean anything from reorienting design elements or swapping out images you have decided aren’t working, to rewording text. We aren’t done designing until you are satisfied.

Ongoing Support


Now you have a shiny, brand-new design in your hands and you are thrilled! But our job doesn’t end here. LunaGraphica coordinates the submission of art to required publications; we work directly with printers in order to get your items printed and delivered to you, and we offer web maintenance services to keep your new site updated and on point. Excellent communications with you, the client, our entire design team, and all our vendors keep this process moving quickly with concise attention to detail. In the end our hope is always to create art we can all be proud of, and make you feel as if you have witnessed something magical.