Nightclubs and Restaurants

LunaGraphica has been working with nightclubs, promoters and entertainment venues since 1999. Our clients include the legendary Ruby Skye in San Francisco, Acapulco Sam’s in San Antonio, and Fluid in San Francisco, to name just a few.

We work with new clubs as well as established venues who need to freshen their image with cutting edge design. We know how to create the right image to promote your venue.

Advertising and Design
Our services include (but are not limited to): ad design and placement, flyer design and printing, logo design and identity systems, menus and table tents, promotional items, posters and signage. We can work with you on a single project, or handle all your advertising and promotional needs.

We have a great deal of experience dealing with ad sales reps and production staff, so we can handle your ad placements from beginning to end. If you are interested in design services only, we’re happy to work with your existing printer or publisher.

Websites and Online Services
LunaGraphica also offers a full range of internet services, including website design, site management, web hosting, Internet marketing, and e-mail list management & promotion. Our online services are designed to build customer loyalty and repeat traffic.

SiteDJ™, Lunagraphica’s website management software, lets you use simple online forms to update your website, so you’re not dependent on a “webmaster” for changes. Our mailing list management service lets you send regular promotional e-mail to your customers.

“They are always on top of things. Website maintenance is outstanding. LunaGraphica is extremely creative and the quality of work is superb! “
–Jennifer Long, Marketing and Sales Manager, Club Glo

If you’d rather not worry about the details, we can provide a full-service advertising package, including print ad design, website updates, and coordinated e-mail promotions.

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