Focus Areas

A Wide Range of Clients

LunaGraphica has a wide range of clients, ranging from individuals to large corporations. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs, and helping to build their businesses. We take pride in retaining some of our clients since we began and being considered part of their team. Over the years, we have developed special expertise in several areas.

Technology Companies
Our VP of Technology, Bob Nicholson, is the former VP of Engineering for Red Herring Magazine, and brings extensive knowledge of the high tech business. Our clients have included major high-traffic websites such as and and technology consultants like BoldEcho, Zultys and Willard & Lowe.

Arts and Art Groups
We work with individual artists, galleries and art groups. Our client list includes Allied Arts Guild, San Jose Repertory Theater, Aromas Hills Artisans, Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild, Higher Fire Clayspace and Gallery and many more. We understand the need for artists and art groups to balance creativity with good business judgement, and to work within tight budgets.

Entertainment, Nightclubs and Restaurants
Our first client was a local nightclub and we’ve continued to focus on this exciting market segment. We now handle design, advertising and website services for clubs, restaurants, promoters, performers and DJ’s across the United States. We understand the need to produce edgy, exciting designs for the entertainment business, while working under tight deadlines and dealing with last-minute changes.

We manage email and in-store promotions for several automotive dealers in the Bay Area. Accurate promotions to targeted email lists is key. Our team prides itself in fast turnaround and effective content which we develop in tandem with the client.


Local Businesses
Many local businesses face the same challenge: finding effective ways to reach potential customers and bring in new business. We specialize in understanding the client’s needs and tailoring a mix of advertising, direct mail, email marketing, social networking, website design and other web promotion to increase their business. Our business clients include law firms, car washes, engineering firms, restaurants, retailers, consultants and service providers of all kinds.