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Bobbie Rodriguez

Bobbie Rodriguez

Bobbie graduated from Brooks College in 2008 with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. She's now pursuing her Bachelors Degree and aspires for her Masters. On her days off, she likes to read while listening to music. Soft rock or classical are her favorites. She enjoys watching old movies with her dog Gigi, who was named after her favorite classic movie. Most of the time she likes to go for drives with her family. Bobbie says, ''I am big family person. Whereever they go, I follow!''


Cindy Couling
President and Creative Director

Robert Nicholson
VP of Technology

Falline Danforth
Office Manager

Kathy Hicks
Client Relations

Jennifer Meyer
Senior Designer

Martha Gonzalez
Web Designer

Marcelo Cadillo
Web Designer/Production Assistant

Bobbie Rodriguez
Production Assistant/Social Media

Ellie Copter
Chief of Security