Clouse may not be on the cover of Rolling Stone, have a platinum record or a Grammy... yet, but he is inching closer and closer to that level. Since releasing his debut album in 2003, this San Francisco resident has made a presence for himself in the world of acoustic music on the West Coast. His breakout single, "Living A Lie," hit the top 25 on Clear Channel in Northern California, and his 2004 single, "Trace Elements," hit the number seven spot on RealNetwork's Rhapsody online station. Since beginning his career at 13, he's won numerous awards and has performed with the likes of Johnny Cash and Third Eye Blind.

Clouse's style might be described as acoustic rock, mixed in with hip hop percussion and electro elements, he then mixes with accents such as fiddles and DJs to create a unique style - a sound that transcends genres. Often described as an "old soul," this 25-year-old's lyrics are obviously written from the heart and recount feelings from experiences everyone can relate to. Catch a listen for yourself and see what all the hype is about while you still can.

DJ Zhaldee brings more to the club than a few records and a laptop. A regular on the west coast circuit between San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles, he brings the party to life with a seamless, dynamic, exciting and almost-nostalgic fusion of Top 40 mixed with a touch of Rock, Hip-Hop, Electro and Old-school sounds. People who have witnessed Zhaldee's energetic performances describe them as an absurdly spirited party that just won't stop. He is known as one of the few DJs that will occasionally get on the mic to spit a few verses to get the crowd hyped and incorporate the next level of video mixing into his sets. But there is more to the show than sound and lights. Zhaldee's personality and passion to move the crowd shines brighter than any spotlight or LCD screen. The club patrons actually feel the good vibes flowing from the DJ booth.

One of San Francisco’s most creative DJs, Fox has musical sensibilities that are unique and crowd-pleasing. His DJ sets range through all eras and genres, showcasing his vast musical vocabulary. He knows how to rock a crowd, yet is dedicated to melodic mixing and non-obvious song choices, taking a classic dance floor approach and adding his own original flavor. His extensive arsenal of original mashups and remixes will move any crowd.